Set and run multiple timers simultaneously. Runs in background and notifies you when your timer is done. Does not interrupt your workflow while you using other apps. Includes live activities and dynamic island support.

Create multiple timers with different names. Ideal for cooking, bakery, study. Take notes in your timers, follow your favourite recipes.

Categorise your timer with customisable colours for each timer. Custom select 13 different colours to set. Looks great with dark mode.

Multi Timer Pro has modern design that easy to use for your daily recurring task.

-Run multiple timers simultaneously.

-Create timers with different names.

-Takes notes into each timer.

-Modern, minimalist user interface.

-Differentiate and categorise timers with colours.

-Customisable alert sound for each timer.

-Runs locally.

-No ads or user tracking.

-No subscriptions.

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